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ATS - Junger Sebastian - A Death in Belmont

19-01-2012, 18:41
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Dodatkowe informacje:
Stan: Używany
Okładka: miękka
Rok wydania (xxxx): 2007
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A Death in Belmont
Sebastian Junger



Harper Perennial London 2007

stan dobry plus

str. 266

format 13 x 20 cm

waga 230 g



A compelling portrait of 1960s America that takes as its starting point the brutal events of 11 March 1963, the day on which the lives of three complete strangers - a black handyman, an Italian-American carpenter and a second-generation Jewish housewife - collided in the leafy Boston suburb of Belmont. These three people did not know one another, but, by the end of the day, the housewife had been raped and strangled, the handyman had been arrested on suspicion of being the notorious Boston Strangler, and the real Boston Strangler - carpenter Al DeSalvo - had returned home to his wife and children. It was not until two years later that DeSalvo admitted to the gruesomely violent murders of thirteen women. Also unwittingly drawn into the drama were one-year-old Sebastian Junger's own family, who posed for a photograph with DeSalvo the day after the Belmont strangling, at the completion of his work on their studio. Taking the chilling family snap as his inspiration, Junger explores the worlds of the three protagonists and, in so doing, creates a portrait of America in the 1960s that touches on the historic themes of the era: the assassination of JFK, the rise of the immigrants and the troubling race relations that prefigured the death of Martin Luther King. This new work by Sebastian Junger, the acclaimed author of 'Perfect Storm' and 'Fire', is as enlightening as it is haunting. Taking as its foundation the events that shocked a quiet community in 1963, 'A Death in Belmont' expands to encompass an entire nation at a time of extraordinary social turmoil.